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How to Register New Domain Name

Applicant is requested to read SaudiNIC regulations . By submitting the Domain Name Registration Form to SaudiNIC, Applicant confirms that he has read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions in the regulations document.

Registration steps: (click on the steps to get more information)
STEP 1: Check if the domain name is available with SaudiNIC whois
STEP 2: Set up domain name servers
STEP 3: Fill SaudiNIC registration form (online or text )
STEP 4: Submit a letter (samples: Arabic and English )
STEP 5: Submit legal documents
STEP 6: Follow up

Domain name applications are kept in a pending state until required documents (e.g., registration letter and Commercial Registrations from Ministry of Commerce) and name servers correct information are received from Applicant within three weeks from the reception date. If no such documents or information are submitted within this period, SaudiNIC will send email message to request the missing information or documents. If nothing is received within a week, SaudiNIC will reject the request.

STEP 1 : Check if the domain name is available
Check the availability of the domain name that you want to register by searching SaudiNIC whois database. If the domain name is available then proceed with next steps.

STEP 2 : Set up domain name servers
Before submitting the Domain Name Registration Form to SaudiNIC, arranged at least two operational domain name (DNS) servers to the domain name in question. Such domain name servers may be arranged through third party providers (e.g. ISP). One of them is the primary name server and the others are secondary name servers. All need permanent IP connectivity to the Internet. Each domain name server must be capable of receiving queries for the domain name and responding thereto.

STEP 3 : Fill application form
Fill the Domain Name Registration Form (either the online or text version) completely. Please make sure that the form is filled correctly and completely, failure to do so may delay the registration process. We recommend that you use the online form because it checks and verifies the information online and automatically, as well as it submits the resulted form to SaudiNIC directly. Submitting registration forms by email (to ) or fax is also accepted but it needs human interaction, which will add some delay on the process. Please include the form in your email message and do not attach the form in any other format except ASCII text where the attachment can be read directly with the mail program.

STEP 4 : Submit a letter
Submit (by mail or fax) a letter requesting the domain name registration and it must be on an official letterhead addressed to SaudiNIC (samples: Arabic and English ). The letter should indicate the domain name to be registered, the administrator contact, and the agent (e.g., ISP) who is following the registration if any.

STEP 5 : Submit legal documents
This document is obtained depending on the general category that an organization belongs to.

  • A Company registering under should provide a valid Commercial Registration (CR) certificate from the Ministry of Commerce. In case the domain name is the name of a product or a mark of that company, then a Trade Mark (TM) certificate is needed in addition to the CR certificate. 

  • Internet Service Providers registering under should provide a valid License from KACST.

  • Educational Entities registering under should provide a valid License from the Ministry of Education. These entities include but not limited to: kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools and high schools.

  • Medical Entities registering under should provide a valid License from the Ministry of Health. These entities include but not limited to: hospitals and medical clinics.

  • For personal names/use under a copy of the Applicant's Civil Affairs ID card is required.

  • For nonprofit entities a copy of any official documents showing the relationship between the proposed domain name and the name of the organization is required.

  • And for government entities there are no need for any legal documents.

In summary, for profit-earning entities registering under the "", "", or "" domains should submit (via mail or fax) a copy of their legal documents (e.g., commercial registration, license, trade mark registration, ...). For all others, a copy of any official documents showing the relationship between the proposed domain name and the name of the organization is required.

STEP 6 : Follow up
Follow up the registration. Please wait for 3 to 4 working days for your domain name to be activated. If you do not receive any e-mail notification after 10 days send an inquiry to


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