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Questions Needs to be answered for Justice to be Served

Why non of the pilots of the hijacked planes were able to broadcast the Hijacking code?

Why the Air Force was not able to monitor nor intercept the second plane nor the third plane?

Why few thousands employees failed to show up for work at world trade center on the day of the bombings? Who are they?

Why the 5 arrested Israelis who were atop a near by high tower building filming the events as they unfolded, laughing and dancing? were eventually deported without investigating this incident thoroughly nor reporting it in CNN or other  media broadcasting stations?

Why did CNN use footage from 1991 showing Palestinians celebrating a Scud attack during the Gulf War, broadcasting it (minutes after the attack) as a live shot on Sept 11, 2001? And did anyone notice the time zone?
  (A spokesman at the BBC has confirmed use of this old footage by CNN. They have copies of such material in their film vaults.)

Why all the four Black Boxes were destroyed or damaged to the extent that they could not get anything usable out of any of them? even though they are designed to withstand crashes and extreme conditions..! while by chance one of the hijackers passport has survived the crash and the 1000° fire!!!

Why Immediately only Muslims and Arabs were targeted out from all other passengers on the manifests on these flights? So every Muslim or Arab on these flights became immediately a suspect and on the CNN news a terrorist ( even if it was my mother in-law who unfortunately was not on any of these flights ) But the list included:
                                     - one who had been dead for a couple of years.

                                     - One who was in his home in Jeddah.

                                     -One who was operating a flight out of Tunis.

Why some one who is very sophisticated, advanced in planning, execution, who went into great details so no one will know his identity (as most expert reported) and who did not issue any statement of responsibility about this operation  would leave in the trunk of his car a Flight Manual in Arabic (All the available once in the Arab world are in English) and a picture of Bin Laden???

Why some one who went into great details (Some of them for two years. or so) so he can go undetected then suddenly will decide one week or two days before the incident to go to a bar and to a strip bar make trouble refuse to pay his bill and tell every one  that their is going to be a bloodshed soon? If they are fanatic and extreme Muslims who believed in Jihad and willing to sacrifice their own life for sure would not drink or watch topless dancers- this would Make the whole concept of jihad meaningless?!!!  

Why none of the hostages who called their relatives and the operator from the hijacked planes told them about the nationalities of the hijackers?

Who will benefit most out of this operation?

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