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Consultative Council

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The primary function of MAJLIS Al-SHURA is to advise the King on issues of importance to the nation. Its members, appointed by the King for a four-year renewable term, represent the spectrum of Saudi society. King Fahd personally inaugurated the first session of the new Council on December 29, 1993. This council consisted of 60 members in addition to the chairman. On July 5, 1997, King Fahd decreed an increase in membership, and the council now consists of a chairman and 90 members.



Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Uthman Ibn Jubair

DOB: 1929

POB: Majma`ah

EDUCATION: Degree of Islamic Law, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah.

EXPERIENCE: Assistant Judge, Makkah Court, 1953; Judge, Expeditious Court, Makkah, 1953; Investigator, Board of Grievances, 1954; Member of the Court of Cassation, Riyadh, 1960; Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Commission, Ministry of Justice, 1970; Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the Supreme Judicial Council; Chairman of the Board of Grievances, 1975; Minister of State and Member of the Council of Ministers, 1987; Acting Minister of Justice 1990; Minister of Justice 1990, Acting Chairman of the Supreme Legal Council and Acting Chairman of the Board of Grievances.

PUBLICATIONS: Sunnah Laws of Transactions (written for the Scientific Methodology for Comparative Studies for the Codification Project); a series of radio and TV interviews; specialized research and lectures presented to the Committee of Senior Scholars, Islamic Legal Councils and U.S. universities.

CONFERENCES: Participated in numerous conferences and seminars held in Riyadh, Paris, the Vatican, and the United States, and at the World Council of Churches in Geneva and the European Council, Strasbourg.

MEMBERSHIP: Committee of Senior Religious Scholars; Chairman of the Constitutive Conference of the League of Islamic Jurisprudence at the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC); Jurisprudence Council of the Muslim World League; the Higher Council of Information; Board of Directors of the Islamic Call Magazine; Board of Directors of King Faisal Foundation; the Higher Consultative Committee of the Social Security Fund.



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Abdallah Ibn Umar Ibn Muhammad Ibn Nasif

DOB: 1929

POB: Jeddah

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Geology, Leeds University, England, 1971; B.Sc., Riyadh University, 1964.

EXPERIENCE: Demonstrator, Riyadh University, 1964; Assistant Professor, King Saud University, 1971; Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of Geology, King Abdul Aziz University, 1973; Secretary General, King Abdul Aziz University, 1974-76; President, King Abdul Aziz University, 1976-82; Associate Professor, King Abdul Aziz University, 1977; Professor, King Abdul Aziz University, 1983; Secretary General, Muslim World League, 1983-93.

PUBLICATIONS: Several publications on geological sciences, Islam and Communism and the role of faith and Islamic principles in teaching natural and applied sciences.

CONFERENCES: Participated and chaired academic and Islamic conferences in the Kingdom, and in the Arab and Islamic world.

LANGUAGES: Arabic - English.


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Humud Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Badr

DOB: 1939

POB: Al-Zilfi

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Public Relations, Michigan State University, USA, 1972; M.A. in Educational Management, Michigan State University, USA, 1969; B.A. in Journalism, Cairo University, Egypt, 1963.

EXPERIENCE: General Director of Foreign Relations and Conferences, Ministry of Labor, 1963; General Director of Research, Statistics and Studies, Ministry of Labor, 1972; Dean of Admissions and Registration, Riyadh University, 1976; Vice-President, Riyadh University, 1976-88; Professor, Departments of Information and Education, King Saud University, 1982 to date; Editor-in-Chief of Gulf Magazine, 1961 and Al-Yamamah 1963-4.

PUBLICATIONS: Published articles in Saudi, Arab and international periodicals on the Saudi press, public relations and information policies in the Gulf States. Published two books: The Principles and Applications of Public Relations, Riyadh, 1991; and This is Islam, Riyadh, 1993 (in Arabic).

CONFERENCES: Participated in conferences on training, information and education held in Arab countries, Europe and the United States.

MEMBERSHIP: The Higher Committee for Civil Service Missions Abroad, 1984-88; the Higher Committee for Developed Schools Evaluation; Chairman, Arab Association for University Admissions and Registration Officers; the Advisory Board for Girls' Schools; the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Higher Education, 1992-94; Chairman of the Board, Markh Club; Chairman of the Board, the Saudi Federation of Gymnastics; Chairman of the Board, the Saudi Association for Educational and Psychological Sciences, 1988-92; the Board of the Saudi Charitable Association for Handicapped Children; Board of Trustees of King Fahd National Library. 1990.

MEDALS & DECORATIONS: King Fahd Medal of Achievement, Second Class; Medal, the Republic of France.

LANGUAGES: Arabic - English.


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  • Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Uthman Ibn Jubair (Chairman)

  • Dr. Abdallah Ibn Umar Ibn Muhammad Ibn Nasif (Deputy Chairman)

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Members, listed alphabetically by surname


Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Ajlan

Dr. Saleh Ibn Saud Ibn Suliman Ibn Ali Al-Ali

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Muhammad Al-Tayyib Al-Ansari

Mr. Abdullah Ibn Tahir Al-Dabbagh

Dr. Falih Ibn Zaid Al-Falih

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Ibn Ibrahim Al-Fayiz

Dr. Hamad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Sa'ad Al-Furayyan

Dr. Fahd Al-Urabi Al-Harithi

Dr. Hashim Abduh Hashim

Sheikh Dr. Salih Ibn Abdallah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Humaid

Mr. Imran Ibn Muhammad Al-Imran

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Ahmad Al-Jafari

Dr. Jamil Ibn Abdallah Al-Jishi

Dr. Nizar Ubeid Madani

Dr. Saleh Ibn Abdullah Al-Malik

Major-General (retired) Kamal Ibn Siraj Al-Din Al-Marghalani

Mr. Abdul Aziz Ibn Muhammad Abu Milhah

Dr. Ahmad Ibn Ali Ibn Ahmad Sayr Al-Mubaraki

Dr. Abdallah Ibn Abd Al-Aziz Al-Munifi

Dr. Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al-Namlah

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Ali Al-Salih Al-Nu'aim

Mr. Khalid Ibn Muhammad Al-Qusaibi

Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Yusif Zainal Ali Rida

Mr. Muhammad Ibn Abdallah Al-Sharif

Dr. Rashid Ibn Rajih Al-Sharif

Mr. Bakri Salih Ibn Abu Bakr Shata

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Salih Al-Shubaili

Dr. Zuhair Ahmad Al-Sibai

Dr. Ziyad Ibn Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Ahmed Al-Sudairi



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Major-General (retired) Ibrahim Ibn Ali Al-Meyman

Dr. Ahmed Ibn Othman Al-Tuweijiri

Dr. Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al-Dhubaib

Dr. Asad Suleiman Abdu

Mr. Ayad Amin Madani

Dr. Badr Ibn Hamoud Al-Amaj

Dr. Bandar Ibn Muhammad Al-Eiban

Dr. Hizam Ibn Hazza Al-Ghemasi

Major-General Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Hussein Abu Sabah

Dr. Hussein Muhammad Ali Al-Alaiwi

Dr. Hamad Ibn Abdullah Al-Saqair

Sheikh Hamoud Ibn Abdulaziz Al-Fayez

Dr. Khaled Ibn Hamzah Nahas

Dr. Zaid Ibn Abdulmohsen Al Hussein

Mr. Saad Ibn Hussein Al-Marri

Dr. Saud Ibn Saeed Al-Met'hami

Dr. Saeed Ibn Hamed Ibn Shadad Al-Hajeri

Mr. Shewaish Ibn Saud Al-Mutairi

Dr. Tami Ibn Hudeif Al-Begmi

Dr. Abdulilah Ibn Abdulaziz Banajah

Mr. Abdulhameed Ibn Abdulwahab Hariri

Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Abdullah Abar

Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Abdullah Al-Zamil

Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Muhammad Abu Ammah

Mr. Abdulrazak Ibn Abdullah Al-Gain

Dr. Abdelaziz Ibn Ismail Daghastani

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Hussein Al-Suwayegh

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Rabiyah

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Nayef Al-Orayer

Major-General (retired) Abdulqader Ibn Abdulhai Hassan Kamal

Major-General (retired) Abdullah Ibn Zebin Al-Harbi

Major-General (retired) Abdullah Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Tasan

Dr. Abdullah Ibn Mohsin Al-Hadhli

Mr. Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al-Huqail

Mr. Abdullah Ibn Yahya Al-Mualimi

Dr. Abdulwahid Ibn Khaled Al-Humaid

Mr. Othman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Ahmed

Dr. Othman Ibn Yaseen Al-Ra'ouf

Dr. Ali Ibn Abdulaziz Al-Khudheiri

Mr. Ali Ibn Abdullah Al-Hassoun

Sheikh Ali Ibn Medeish Bajawi

Dr. Eid Ibn Abdullah Al-Shamari

Mr. Faraaj Ibn Shaker Al-Asbali

Mr. Farhan Ibn Raghan Al-Balawi

Dr. Falah Ibn Faraj Al-Subayi

Dr. Safhad Ibn Khamees Al-Anezi

Dr. Manaa Ibn Hamad Al-Jehani

Mr. Mubarak Ibn Abdullah Al-Khafrah

Dr. Muhammad Ihsan Ali Buhaligah

Dr. Muhammad Ibn Hamed Al-Gunabut

Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hijer Al-Ghamdi

Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Saeed Al-Zulfah

Mr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Mulla

Mr. Muhammad Ibn Fahd Al-Issa

Mr. Muhammad Noori Ibrahim

Mr. Mahmoud Ibn Abdullah Taybah

Mr. Mosa'ad Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Angary

Dr. Nayef Ibn Hashim Al-Da'ess

Dr. Yahya Mahmoud Ibn Junaid

Dr. Yousuf Ibn Ibrahim Al-Salloum


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The ninety members of the second term (1997-2001) of the Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) are divided into eight committees as follows (approved July 20, 1997).

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The committee for organization and administration:

  1. Dr. Ziyad Ibn Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudairi, Chairman
  2. Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Ali Al-Salih Al-Nu'aim, Deputy
  3. Dr. Badr Ibn Hamoud Al-Amaj, Member
  4. Dr. Hussein Muhammad Ali Al-Alaiwi, Member
  5. Dr. Saeed Ibn Hamed Ibn Shadad Al-Hajeri, Member
  6. Dr. Tami Ibn Hudeif Al-Begmi, Member
  7. Dr. Abdallah Ibn Abd Al-Aziz Al-Munifi, Member
  8. Mr. Othman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Ahmed, Member
  9. Mr. Faraaj Ibn Shaker Al-Asbali, Member
  10. Dr. Hamed Abdulillah Al-Ajlan, Member


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The committee for education, culture and information affairs:

  1. Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Tayyib Al-Ansari, Chairman
  2. Dr. Zaid Ibn Abdulmohsen Al Hussein, Deputy
  3. Dr. Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al-Dhubaib, Member
  4. Dr. Saud Ibn Saeed Al-Met'hami, Member
  5. Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Salih Al-Shubaili, Member
  6. Dr. Abdullah Ibn Mohsin Al-Hadhli, Member
  7. Dr. Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al-Namlah, Member
  8. Dr. Ali Ibn Abdulaziz Al-Khudheiri, Member
  9. Dr. Eid Ibn Abdullah Al-Shamari, Member
  10. Dr. Fahd Al-Urabi Al-Harithi, Member
  11. Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, Member
  12. Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Saeed Al-Zulfah, Member


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The committee for Islamic affairs:


  1. Dr. Saleh Ibn Saud Ibn Suliman Ibn Ali Al-Ali, Chairman
  2. Sheikh Hamoud Ibn Abdulaziz Al-Fayiz, Deputy
  3. Dr. Ahmad Ibn Ali Ibn Ahmad Sayr Al-Mubaraki, Member
  4. Dr. Ahmed Ibn Othman Al-Tuweijiri, Member
  5. Dr. Hamad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Sa'ad Al-Furayyan, Member
  6. Sheikh Dr. Salih Ibn Abdallah Ibn Humaid, Member
  7. Mr. Abdulhameed Ibn Abdulwahab Hariri, Member
  8. Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Rabiyah, Member
  9. Sheikh Ali Ibn Medeish Bajawi, Member
  10. Dr. Manaa Ibn Hamad Al-Jehani, Member
  11. Dr. Nayef Ibn Hashim Al-Da'ess, Member




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The committee for services and public utilities:

  1. Mr. Imran Ibn Muhammad Al-Imran, Chairman
  2. Mr. Mahmoud Ibn Abdullah Taybah, Deputy
  3. Dr. Hizam Ibn Hazza Al-Ghemasi, Member
  4. Dr. Khaled Ibn Hamzah Nahas, Member
  5. Mr. Saad Ibn Hussein Al-Marri, Member
  6. Mr. Abdul Aziz Ibn Muhammad Abu Milhah, Member
  7. Mr. Ali Ibn Abdullah Al-Hassoun, Member
  8. Mr. Farhan Ibn Raghan Al-Balawi, Member
  9. Dr. Fahd Ibn Khamees Al-Anezi, Member
  10. Dr. Muhammad Ihsan Ali Buhaligah, Member
  11. Mr. Mosa'ad Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Angary, Member

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The committee for health and social affairs:

  1. Dr. Saleh Ibn Abdullah Al-Malik, Chairman
  2. Dr. Hamad Ibn Abdullah Al-Saqair, Deputy
  3. Mr. Ayad Amin Madani, Member
  4. Dr. Zuhair Ahmad Al-Sibai, Member
  5. Dr. Abdulilah Ibn Abdulaziz Banajah, Member
  6. Mr. Abdulrazak Ibn Abdullah Al-Gain, Member
  7. Dr. Falih Ibn Zaid Al-Falih, Member
  8. Dr. Yahya Mahmoud Ibn Junaid, Member


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 The committee for foreign affairs:


  1. Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Ibn Ibrahim Al-Fayiz, Chairman
  2. Dr. Bandar Ibn Muhammad Al-Eiban, Deputy
  3. Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Ahmad Al-Jafari, Member
  4. Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Abdullah Abar, Member
  5. Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Hussein Al-Suwayegh, Member
  6. Major-General Abdullah Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Tasan, Member
  7. Dr. Othman Ibn Yaseen Al-Ra'ouf, Member
  8. Mr. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdulrahman Al-Mulla, Member
  9. Mr. Muhammad Ibn Fahd Al-Issa, Member
  10. Mr. Muhammad Noori Ibrahim, Member
  11. Dr. Nizar Ubeid Madani, Member
  12. Dr. Hashim Abduh Hashim, Member


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The committee for security affairs:

  1. Major-General Kamal Ibn Siraj Al-Din Al-Marghalani, Chairman
  2. Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Muhammad Abu Ammah , Deputy
  3. Major-General (retired) Ibrahim Ibn Ali Al-Meyman, Member
  4. Dr. Asad Suleiman Abdu, Member
  5. Dr. Rashid Ibn Rajih Al-Sharif, Member
  6. Major-General Hussein Ibn Abdullah Al-Damer, Member
  7. Major-General (retired) Abdulqader Ibn Abdulhai Kamal, Member
  8. Major-General (retired) Abdullah Ibn Zebin Al-Harbi, Member
  9. Dr. Yousuf Ibn Ibrahim Al-Salloum, Member


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The committee for economic and financial affairs:


  1. Mr. Muhammad Ibn Abdallah Al-Sharif, Chairman
  2. Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Nayef Al-Orayer, Deputy
  3. Mr. Bakri Salih Ibn Abu Bakr Shata, Member
  4. Dr. Jamil Ibn Abdallah Al-Jishi, Member
  5. Mr. Khalid Ibn Muhammad Al-Qusaibi, Member
  6. Mr. Shewaish Ibn Saud Al-Mutairi, Member
  7. Dr. Abdulrahman Ibn Abdullah Al-Zamil, Member
  8. Dr. Abdelaziz Ibn Ismail Daghastani, Member
  9. Mr. Abdullah Ibn Tahir Al-Dabbagh, Member
  10. Mr. Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al-Huqail, Member
  11. Mr. Abdullah Ibn Yahya Al-Mualimi, Member
  12. Dr. Abdulwahid Ibn Khaled Al-Humaid, Member
  13. Dr. Falah Ibn Faraj Al-Subayi, Member
  14. Mr. Mubarak Ibn Abdullah Al-Khafrah, Member
  15. Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Yusif Zainal Ali Rida, Member
  16. Dr. Muhammad Ibn Hamed Al-Gunabut, Member


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