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Top Saudi Arabia Business News

Ministry of Petroleum report

Jeddah, 8th October 2000
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Nu'eimi has reiterated that the total quantities of mineral resources that were exploited by carriers of mining concessions for the fiscal year 1999 amounted to about 34 million ton, including 16 million ton of cement, 400,000 ton of gypsum, 3.2 million square meters of ceramic, 12000 ton of sanitation, 95000 ton of salt and more than 4000 kilogram of gold.

While introducing the Technical, Financial and Statistical Report on the Activities of the Carriers of Mining Concessions for 1419/1420AH, issued by the Agency of the Ministry Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Al-Nu'eimi said the profits of the carriers of mining concessions exceeded SR1,200 million. He noted that the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has been exerting efforts to attract local and international investments in exploitation of mineral resources in the Kingdom so as to develop the mining sector and diversify the sources of income. Al-Nu'eimi pointed out that the total area of the mining sites that were exploited by investors exceeded 780 square kilometers. He noted that the Ministry has issued 16 licenses to five Saudi and foreign companies to explore for gold ores, and non-precious and industrial metals at a number of sites. The Ministry has also issued 18 licenses for exploration of all metal ores to 17 Saudi and foreign companies, he noted.

The report noted that the eight cement companies had exploited lime ore, gypsum and the required materials for cement industry. It noted that work was underway at Mahd-al-Dahab mine by Ma’aden Company and at al-Sukheirat mine by the Saudi Precious Metals Company. “But work has not yet started for exploitation of the ores of copper, zinc and lead at al-Masani mine, and the mines of al-Mar and al-Hijar are still under development,” the report noted.

As regards the mining concessions of industrial metals, the report said the concessions included exploitation of gypsum ore and the ores required for ceramic industry, as well as salt ore and cilium sand ore, and added that the quantity of the exploited ores reached 677,189 ton, including 400,000 ton of gypsum, 302 million square meter of ceramic, 12,000 ton of sanitary and 95,000 ton of salt. The report said 21 licenses have been granted to a number of Saudi companies for exploitation of a number of ore materials including lime, basalt, marble and iron for their use in a number of industries. The quantity of exploited ores has reached about 1,958,760 ton, the report concluded.

Source: SPA

Prince Sultan signs contracts relating to Saudia privatization

Riyadh, 8th October 2000
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Second Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), has signed contracts with firms of experts and financial and legal consultants for the program of privatization of Saudia, here on Sunday.

On the occasion, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz delivered a speech in which he stressed: 'The Kingdom has chosen privatization as a strategic option to utilize the capabilities, innovation and skills of its young people.' Prince Sultan added: 'We begin today the project of studying the privatization of Saudia, using the expertise of our people in cooperation with some of the best consultancy firms in this field.' He continued: 'After completion of the study for which contracts have been signed today, we will present to our citizens a huge and successful facility that will promise more success. It will operate as a profitable private company providing distinguished service, making profit for stock holders and operating on strictly economic base.'

Prince Sultan noted that the privatization goals include: ‘Reducing the bureaucracy that undermines ambition and limits the enthusiasm of the people in charge of economic firms.' He added that privatization of governmental and semi-governmental establishments ‘is a feature of political economy that recently has attracted growing interest' and that the 'the active contribution of all members and sectors of society has become an urgent requirement for achieving balanced economic development.'

The consultancy contracts relating to the privatization of Saudia were also signed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Paribas Bank Group Michel Pebereau on behalf of the Financial Consultant Group and by Legal Management Consultant Peter Charlton on behalf of the Legal Consultant Group.

The ceremony was attended by Prince Fahd bin Abdullah bin Mohammad, Assistant of the Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General for Civil Aviation Affairs, Civil Aviation President Dr Ali bin Abdulrahman Alkhalaf and other officials.

Source: SPA

Nine new Rift Valley Fever cases reported

Riyadh, 8th October 2000
Nine new cases of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) were reported from Saturday evening until Sunday evening, according to a statement issued here Sunday night by the media department at the Ministry of Health.

The Department's statement said the total number of infected people up to Sunday evening, since the appearance of RVF, has reached 291. One hundred and four people have recovered and 64 have died.

Source: SPA

Communications Minister opens Car Fair

Jeddah, 8th October 2000
Minister of Communications Dr Nasser bin Mohammed Al-Salloum inaugurated here on Saturday evening the International Saudi Car Exhibition for 2001, organized by the Company of Saudi Exhibitions. A number of international car manufacturing and car rental companies are participating in the fair, displaying the latest models of the cars for the year 2001, their accessories and spare parts.

Source: SPA


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