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Top Saudi Arabia Business News

Health Minister opens a health insurance seminar

Riyadh, 17th October 2000
Dr Osama Shubukshi, the Minister of Health, inaugurated here on Tuesday a seminar on the implementation of the health insurance system. The seminar is organized by the Medical Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Riyadh in collaboration with al-Mashwara Office for Health Care Consultations. Speaking on the occasion, head of the Medical Committee Sultan Al-Salih said the implementation of the health insurance system will benefit all parties and will be pave the way for improvement of health services.

Moreover, he said the system would have a positive impact on the investment projects and in particular in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies industry. For his part, Dr Zuheir Al-Suba'ei, the head of the Office of Al-Mashwara for Health Care Consultations, said the Saudi health insurance system stands as an example for health insurance systems in so many other countries.

For his part Dr Shubukshi said the Saudi government had approved the health insurance system as a strategic option for realization of many laudable goals, notably the principle of social cooperation, rationalization of expenditure and improvement of the health services. Dr Shubukshi pointed out that the implementation of the system requires excellent preparations.

The participants in the seminar will review a number of topics including the expected impact of implementation of the system, how to benefit from the experience of the other countries in the field of implementation of a health insurance system, the experience of medical insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other related issues.

Source: SPA

Inauguration of a Commercial Exhibition

Al-rakah, Saudi Arabia, 16th October 2000
On behalf of Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, the Vice-Governor of the eastern region, Undersecretary of the Governorate of the eastern region Saad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Othman inaugurated here on Sunday evening the Gulf International Commercial Exhibition, organized by the International Dhahran Exhibitions Company. More than 200 specialized companies are participating in the show. Speaking on the occasion, Al-Othman underscored the importance of such exhibitions and said they play a significant role in enhancing relations among the countries and strengthening links between producers and consumers.

Source: SPA

WTO talks

Riyadh, 14 October 2000
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold another round of talks in Geneva on Monday to discuss the Kingdom's application for membership of the WTO, the Minister of Commerce Osama Faqih said here on Saturday.

The Minister who is also the head of the Saudi negotiation team concerned with the Kingdom's joining of WTO disclosed the forthcoming talks during a press conference following the opening of a forum on the role of standardization on the occasion of the International Day of Standardization.

He added that the Kingdom was about to complete procedures for joining, saying that the visit by Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Premier and Commander of National Guard, to a number of Latin American countries had made a positive impact on the Kingdom’s application for membership.

On the protection of consumer rights in the Kingdom, the Minister said that a proposal for setting up a national committee for the protection of consumers was now under consideration by the King, adding that if the proposal were to be approved, there would be local committees attached to the national committee to enforce laws against violators.

Source: SPA


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