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2001 Jeddah Economic Forum
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
They head an array of speakers from the global worlds of politics and commerce, who will make next year's event one of the key conferences in the business calendar of the Middle East.

The Jeddah Economic Forum will be held at the Leylaty Ballrooms, Jeddah, from 20-22 January 2001. This is the third year the event has been staged; the 2000 Forum, held earlier this year, was attended by luminaries such as former US President, George Bush, and John Major, Britain's Prime Minister from 1990-97.

The 2001 Jeddah Economic Forum will be held under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Governor of Makkah.

The event is being organized by the Jeddah Marketing Board in conjunction with the MIT Sloan School of Management of the USA. The event will be notable for the presentation of international thinking on the 'New Economy', the fast-changing development of global business sparked by technological innovation. Speakers will provide a vital insight into the way the world is having to adjust to the electronic communications revolution.

Helmut Kohl, Giscard d'Estaing and Carlos Menem are the keynote speakers throughout the event. They will present delegates to the Forum with a unique opportunity to hear how world leaders expect economic development to transform the first decades of the 21st Century.

Other Speakers
Mark Moody-Stuart, Group Managing Director of Royal Dutch-Shell, will present at the Forum at a time of great importance to the oil markets and other speakers include Sir David Walker, Chairman of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (Europe) Ltd,  Marcel Ospel, Group CEO of UBS AG, Niall W A Fitzgerald, Chairman of Unilever plc, John Pepper, Chairman of Proctor and Gamble, Professor Lester Thurow, Professor Glen L Urban, Mr. Yoichi Morishita, President of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd, Doctor Simon Johnson, John Quelch, Dean of the London Business School, and David Rubenstein, Chairman of the Carlyle Group.

Several hundred leading businessmen from Saudi Arabia and the region are expected to attend the 2001 Jeddah Economic Forum, says Amr Dabbagh, Chairman of the Jeddah Marketing Board.

"The last event, held earlier this year, was extremely well-attended and we expect an even bigger audience in 2001, he said. "Saudi Arabia's economy is undergoing a major transformation due to the reforms set in motion by the Government and changes in the international business scene.

"The Forum has captured the world's attention. Saudi Arabia is an important market and we have had significant overseas interest from businessmen wishing to take part. For local entrepreneurs, the Forum presents a major opportunity to hear at first hand what is happening in other parts of the world," he added.

Forum to Profile Wealth Creation
The Jeddah Marketing Board has announced that 'Wealth Creation in a Knowledge-Based Economy' is to be the theme of next year's Jeddah Economic Forum.

"In selecting this theme, we have identified topics of great importance at the present time to businessmen in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere," commented Amr Dabbagh.

"Knowledge is all about being able to take quicker, better informed decisions. In the past, businessmen in this region needed to travel regularly or to establish a permanent local presence to know what was going on.

"Technology, especially electronic communications systems such as the Internet, is changing all of that. The message from all our 2001 Forum speakers is that future business success hangs on the acquisition of information. This is the critical factor going forward," added Mr Dabbagh. "Leading businessmen in this region will want to hear the views of these international leaders.

The Jeddah Marketing Board will mount the Jeddah Economic Forum, the third in its series, in conjunction with a luminous array of international speakers who will examine how the new technologically-based communication revolution is changing the face of modern business.

Day two looks at the subject of 'e-business', the electronic trading of goods and services which will transform the Middle East within a decade. The third day is dedicated to 'entrepreneurism' and focuses on what works and what fails in today's global corporate world.

Further details on the Jeddah Economic Forum can be obtained from the Jeddah Marketing Board website at:

Source: Issued on behalf of Jeddah Marketing Board by Gulf Hill and Knowlton. For further information please contact Amr Amawi or Damian James on Jeddah (9662) 672 7465, fax 672 6393, email


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