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Recent blasts blown out of proportion, Naif says
Riyadh, 4th Apr 2001

   Interior Minister Prince Naif said the recent explosions in some parts of the Kingdom have been blown out of proportion as they are common occurrence in other parts of the world. They also did not mean any security slackness on the part of the government, he said.

  Speaking in a talk show on the BBC broadcast yesterday, Prince Naif said the security is the prime concern of the Kingdom. The Kingdom has been striving to strengthen the solidarity, peaceful and cordial relations with others. He said the Kingdom is also striving for the welfare of Ummah as well as the stability and peace in the world.

  He clarified that comments of Prince Sultan, second deputy premier and minister of defense and aviation, on the committee set up by the Arab summit headed by King Abdallah of Jordan on Kuwait and Iraq issue did not go outside the scope of Kingdom’s known policies.

  Prince Naif said “the Kingdom is concerned with the affairs of the people of Iraq because they are a brotherly people and their condition does not please us. The reason for this state, and not the result, is the important question. The Iraqi regime still repeats its threats and refuses others’ help and of those who make serious efforts to bring it to the right path?” Prince Naif said the explosions in the Kingdom were not large and caused only a little bloodshed. It only caused the death of one Briton and injuries to two other Britons.

The perpetrator and the victims are of the same nationality aside from a Canadian and Belgian.

The prince said the accused in the bombings, who have already confessed their crime, were made to appear on TV so that Saudi people may understand the facts. People should know that the blasts were not the acts of Saudis, Arabs or Muslims whom mostly the international media charge with terrorism. The accused have confessed their crimes and they will be judged justly according to the Saudi Constitution, Prince Naif said.

The prince also denied the reports that the representatives of the embassies of the accused have not been allowed to meet them. “Ambassadors of those countries in the Kingdom know the facts,” he said.

Prince Naif also emphasized the excellent relations between the Kingdom and Iran when asked about US statements linking the Alkhobar blast with Iran. He also said a security pact will be signed between the two countries.

The prince also said the security coordination with the US springs from the security interests of the Kingdom. When asked about the mobilizations for people’s and parliamentary representations in the GCC countries the prince pointed to the political developments in the Kingdom in the area of governance, regions and consultative council which are acceptable to the people.

The prince stressed that the woman should not be made a political issue as she enjoys an equal status as man in the Kingdom. The Saudi woman is the mistress of the house, doctor, preacher or university professor and she is allowed to play all her social roles.

The prince also denied rumors about the reorganization of government in the Kingdom as untrue.

Source: ArabNews©

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04 April 2001 03:32:50 PM

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