On this day _____________/____/ 14 ____(H), corresponding to ____________/___________/200_
this agreement has been made by and between:
(1) _________________________________________________, whose business address is in_______________
C.R. No. ________________________dated ______________________, city of : ______________________
represented herein by _________________________________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "First Party/Principal");

(2)The Agent/Distributor ____________________________________________, whose business address is
in____________________________________________________________________, C.R. No. ________________
dated __________________________________ city of:_______________________
represented by __________________________________________
(hereinafter referred to as the Second Party/Agent").



WHEREAS, both parties desire to enter into an agency of distributorship arrangement to serve their mutual interests and to specify the rights and obligations of each party in such arrangement; and

WHEREAS, the Second Party (Saudi) desires that such relationship conform to the requirements of regulations with regard to foreign trade (import and export), specifically the Commercial Agencies Regulations and Amendments thereof in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which regulations require a direct relationship between the business agent or distributor of products and the originator company abroad. Non-Saudis are prohibited from engaging in import and export business and commercial agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Both parties hereby agree as follows:

Article ( 1 ) The above recitals shall be considered an integral part of this contract.

Article ( 2 ) Both parties agree that the Second Party, as Agent or Distributor ("Agent") for the First Party shall negotiate and conclude any agreements concerning the products or services subject to this distributorship agreement on behalf of ______________________ and in the name of __________________________.

Article ( 3 ) The scope of this agency contract covers the products and services provided by the First Party as hereunder specified.


The Products included in this agency contract are: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Article ( 4 ) The geographic area covered by this contract shall be ________________(specify whether throughout the Kingdom or for a certain region.

Article ( 5 ) The term of this contract shall be ________________ effective as from __________________ renewable automatically for another period unless either party gives at least three months prior written notice of his intention to terminate the contract.


Reciprocal Obligations

Article ( 6 ) Because the Second Party is obligated to guarantee the quality of the products and materials which form the subject of this contract and to provide necessary maintenance and spare parts at reasonable prices when required by consumers, the First Party shall also be obligated to the Agent for the same obligations on such dates and shall provide such spare parts in such amount as may be specified by the Agent. In addition, the First Party shall provide to the Second Party at reasonable prices such spare parts and necessary maintenance through the date one year following the expiry date of this contract or from the time of appointing another agent.

Article ( 7 ) The Second Party is obligated under the law of importing country to provide under this Contract only products and materials that are compatible with the approved standard specifications in the importing country. The First Party shall guarantee the quality of these products and materials and ensure that they conform to approved standard specifications in the importing country; the Agent shall not be obligated to receive, or responsible for distribution of, any quantities received from the First Party that are contrary to such required standard specifications.

Article ( 8 ) Both parties shall execute this contract in accordance and acknowledged business practices and good faith. Such obligation shall extend to include all activities rendered as part of the contract requirements under generally accepted business practices.

Article ( 9 ) The Second Party shall undertake to:

(a) Provide the premises required for the Agent to run his business in the Kingdom with his own staff, exercise all reasonable care and diligence, and be entitled to make use of the services and technical expertise of the First Party as and when required.

(b) Perform all works necessary to execute contracts locally for promoting and marketing the products, make available the suitable storage areas, open new distribution centers as may be necessary and provide local services within the area covered by the Contract. The Second Party shall, in the performance of this Contract, be entitled to use the First Party's trademark but without any additions or modifications. He shall also exert his best efforts to make such trademark known throughout the area.

Article ( 10 ) The First Party shall undertake to :

(a) Pay the Second Party a commission in the amount of _____________________________ of the value of the items sold within the Contract area even if the sales were made directly to a third party by the First Party. Schedule of Payments shall be as follows: ___________________

(b) Execute the Contract with diligence whether as to observation of good quality products and materials which form the subject of the Contract, or to insure safe and good delivery to the Second Party, or to fulfill obligations regarding quantities and dates specified in the Second Party's orders.

(c) Bear responsibility for the faults of himself and his employees, when such fault results in damage to the Second Party.


Expiry, Cancellation and Compensation

Article (11) This contract shall be terminated if performance by either party is rendered impossible, or, upon the death or the loss of competency, or bankruptcy of either party. This contract may also be terminated by revocation upon a substantial failure in execution by the other party.

Article (12) The Agent shall be entitled to compensation for damages which may arise out of the Principal's inability to meet his commitments, according to the Contract, or to business customs.

Article (13) If the Principal refuses to renew or continue work under this Contract, the terminated Agent shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for his activities that may have resulted in the apparent success in the business of the terminated Agent. Specifically, the terminated Agent shall be entitled to compensation for his promotional activities and efforts at client relations that result in goodwill that may accrue to the new Agent.

Article (14) The Principal may claim compensation from the Agent from damages caused as a result of the Agent's abandoning his Agency prior to the expiry of this contract or as a result of any breach of contract by the Agent.

Article (15) Should this contract be improperly terminated or revoked, as a result of which either party sustains damages, the party improperly terminating the contract shall be obliged to compensate the other party for the damages such party sustained, taking into account the extent of efforts made and material and non-material capabilities provided to serve the Agency prior to such improper termination.


Concluding Articles

Article (16) Disputes arising between the parties hereto as a result of the performances under this Contract shall be settled amicably. Should this not be possible, the matter shall be referred to the Committee for Settlement of Commercial Disputes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or to a local arbitration committee in accordance with the regulations for arbitration. In case of a dispute between the Principal and Agent, a new Agency Contract may be granted to a new Agent within the Agency area for the same products or services only after the authority considering the dispute shall have made a final award or decision.

Article (17) This Contract shall be governed by the provisions of regulations prevailing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically the Commercial Court Regulation, Commercial Agencies Regulations and amendments and implementing procedures thereof, and the Arbitration Regulations and the relevant implementing procedures.

Article (18) This Contract has been executed in three copies, with each party receiving one copy. The Second party shall present a certified copy to complete the Contract registration in the Commercial Agencies and Distributors Register with the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


First Party (Principal)

Name: ________________________________

Signature: ________________________________

Second Party (Agent)

Name: ________________________________

Signature: ________________________________


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