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We have listed the most popular internet communication software in this page. These programs are not stored at our servers but are just links to the software's company ftp servers. These programs are not in our servers and thus we can not be held responsible for anything dealing with the programs you downloaded.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Category: Browser
File size: 17 MB
License: Free

Download Now!

Internet Explorer   Download Internet Explorer 6, the newest version of Internet Explorer Whether you use the Web to read e-mail, news or sports reports, shop online, listen to music or play videos, or share your images and photos with friends, family or work colleagues, Internet Explorer 6 makes it easy, exciting and fun.

From the end user simply browsing content on the Web, to the IT administrator deploying and maintaining a rich set of Windows Internet technologies, to the Web developer creating rich Web content, Internet Explorer 6 provides the freedom to experience the best of the Internet.

Netscape Communicator Series
Netscape 6 Series

Category: Browser
File size: 24.4 MB
License: Free

Download Now!

Netscape Communicator 4.72   Netscape currently offers two browser suites in over 23 languages and 20 platforms. Please select the most appropriate product below:
Netscape 6 Series
Netscape Communicator Series
Opera 5.0

Category: Browser
License: Shareware

Download Now!

Opera   Download the Opera Web browser. All desktop versions of Opera 5 are free!
Sakhr Sindbad Communicator

Category: Arabic Browser
License: Free

Download Now!

Sindbad Communicator   Sindbad is the powerful Arabic solution for browsing the Arabic Web sites with full capabilities. Sindbad enables you to surf freely on the Internet taking advantage of the complete Arabic support for navigating, sending and receiving e-mails, conferencing, using Collabra discussion groups and composing your own homepage in Arabic.
NeoPlanet Browser V.5.2, Build 1704

Category: Browser
License: Free

Download Now!

Neoplanet 5.2   New version 5.2 puts the best of the Web at your fingertips, and gives you the unprecedented opportunity to control your On-line Environment. Now you can customize your web directory with NeoPlanet channels, create and share communities with NeoPlanet's NetClubs, and express your own sense of "Internet Fashion" with NeoPlanet's skins.
Eudora 5.1 Email

Category: Mail Client
 Sponsored mode
     Paid mode
             Light mode

Download Now!

Eudora   Eudora now is licensed in three ways -- Sponsored mode, Paid mode and Light mode.

In Sponsored mode, Eudora displays ads. In Paid mode, Eudora does not display ads, and you get the full power of Eudora, but you do have to pay. If you paid for a previous version of Eudora, you may or may not be entitled to Eudora 5.1 for free. In Light mode, Eudora has fewer features, but is free of charge and without ads.

2001b Beta v5.17 Build #3642
Released Thursday, November 12th.

Category: Chat
File size: 4.9 MB
License: Free

Download Now!

ICQ 99   Love to chat? Tired of the complexity of IRC and the limitations of other chat tools? ICQ is for you. The world's most popular Internet instant-messaging tool, it supports direct messaging as well as multiuser "chat rooms." Build a list of your family members, friends, and business contacts, and ICQ will notify you of their online presence.
Yahoo Messenger

Category: Messenger
License: Free

Download Now!

Yahoo Messenger   Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike email, instant messages appear as soon as they're sent. By downloading the Yahoo! Messenger application to your computer, you can send instant messages as well as use these features: Voice chat and file transfer, Alerts for your stock quotes, Yahoo! Mail messages, and Calendar appointments, News, Weather, Stock Quotes, Sports Scores. And so much more...
Winzip 8.1Beta

Category: Essentils
File size: 1.72 MB
License: Shareware

Download Now!

WinZip 8.0   WinZip is a zipping and unzipping utility that includes built-in support for popular Internet file formats such as TAR, ZIP, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, MIME, and Unix-compressed files. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. An optional wizard simplifies unzipping and installing software in ZIP files.
GetRight 4.5a

Category: Net Tools
File size: 2.1 MB
License: Shareware

Download Now!

GetRight 4.2   GetRight extends your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery, and many other features to give you faster and more flexible downloads. You can use GetRight to schedule your downloads for later; it can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when done.
Hotdog 6.5

Category: HTML Editor
File size: 11.353 MB
License: Shareware

Download Now!

HotDog 6.5   The perfect authoring tool for both professional and budding Webmasters, HotDog Professional 6.5 provides a flexible, text based HTML authoring environment. It makes complex processes simple without getting in the way of specialized tasks that require undivided attention and scrutiny.

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