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        Business Press Releases      




 January 05, 2002

Saudi Aramco inaugurate SAP

Dhahran January 5,2002 – Last week was a banner week for Saudi Aramco, for Information Technology and for the hundreds of people who had been involved with the SAP Project, some for the past six years.

It was the day of the “Big Bang” as SAP functions went live for several vital Saudi Aramco Functions.

Abdullah S. Jum‘ah, Saudi Aramco president and CEO and a staunch supporter of the SAP implementation, pronounced the Big Bang a significant milestone in the company's history.

“Since I joined the company on April 1, 1968, I have witnessed the introduction of hundreds of computer systems designed to automate and optimize company processes, keep down costs and maintain internal controls,” he said. “This Project has identified all these processes, documented them and changed them to comply with the best practices available in the world. The project provides Saudi Aramco with brand new engines designed to carry the company for the next 60 years.” 

And with the Big Bang, most of the massive SAP project is complete — some of it a full year ahead of schedule.

Ahmed M. Al-Zayyat, general manager of the SAP Computer Center, said, “The SAP Implementation in Saudi Aramco has replaced over 170 non-SAP systems, about three fourths of the company’s systems infrastructure. What is even more remarkable is that the project has continued to deliver set milestones on time, in full.”

He added that the main reason for the successful on-time implementation was the world-class performance by Saudi Aramco and Atos Origin staff. Atos Origin was the company’s main SAP implementation contractor for the project.

“The overall dedication and hard work displayed throughout the project by our team was a significant factor in the success of the project,” Al-Zayyat said. “Many worked above and beyond the call of duty.”

One of SAP’s most essential applications is management of Saudi Aramco‘s enormous hydrocarbon product line. It does this through its Hydrocarbon Management Module ( HCM ) The HCM manages the supply of every product produced by Saudi Aramco and sold in Saudi Arabia. That includes gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, asphalt, sales gases, specialist gases, sulfur, fuel oiland crude oil. 

The Finance Module establishes an integrated financial management system that provides a global picture of the company’s financial resources and cash flows. For example, a purchasing transaction performed by Aramco Services Co. in Houston in Materials Management automatically produces accounting transactions within Financial Accounting and Controlling in Dhahran In addition to the implementation of all core SAP modules is the parallel implementation of e-procurement, ebanking and e-cataloging services.

The commissioning of modules in the Big Bang on Dec. 29 completes most of the project. The few remaining components are slated for completion by July 2002. Open items, in addition to the conversion of old contracts to SAP, include the completion of bar coding in the Dhahran warehouse and in warehouses in other areas and inspection incidental to Project Management. 

Saudi Aramco Vice President of Information Technology Ibrahim Mishari said: “It is a job well-done, but there is more on the horizon. SAP II is part of the capital budget and will address areas that were not in the original scope of work because the software for them was not available at the time or because the company was not doing that particular function at the time the project began. 

“I would like to compliment those who have worked on SAP. They have achieved such a high level of expertise that in December of this year, after rigorous testing, SAP acknowledged the Saudi Aramco SAP Computer Center as a SAP Competence Center with the wherewithal to be a SAP consulting company,” Mishari said. “This certificate is a tribute to the quality of the knowledge the group has assimilated over the past five years. We have tremendous talent that has been used to move the company into the 21st century. Congratulations.”


  Saudi Aramco President & CEO Congratulates
Computer Center on system implementation

Dhahran January 5,2002 - Abdullah S. Jum‘ah, president and CEO of Saudi Aramco , visited the SAP Computer Center Command Room and the SAP Knowledge Center recently to learn more about the Big Bang and its implementation. The Big Bang is Saudi Aramco‘s launch of the SAP software system, which interlink company operations for increased efficiency and productivity .Jum’ah also thanked all those concerned for their hard work, to congratulate the SAP Computer Center Team on its success and encouraged the team to take on the challenge of integrating SAP into the corporate culture. 

While there, he also inaugurated the first transaction in e-banking using SAP to manage Saudi Aramco funds, and bought the first book using SAP Business to Business (B2B). 

Jum‘ah, accompanied by Dr. Ibrahim S. Mishari, Saudi Aramco  vice president of Information Technology, and Abdullatif A. Al- Othman, executive director of Saudi Aramco Affairs, was greeted by Ahmed M. Al-Zayyat, SAP Computer Center general manager, and other key SAP management. 

Jum‘ah thanked each SAP team leader and SAP manager, for their hard work and their successful implementation of the core modules on Dec. 29. 

SAP Computer Center members presented Al- Zayyat with a plaque signed by every member of the SAP Computer Center, thanking him for his leadership.

Jum‘ah added his congratulations and thanks as well, saying that the team had demonstrated determination and dedication and that he was proud of what they had accomplished for the company. He said that now their challenge was to integrate SAP into day-to-day business and to provide support during the transition in order to take advantage of all that the system can do for Saudi Aramco. 

Jum‘ah and a delegation next toured the SAP Knowledge Center in Saudi Aramco West Park II, where agents answer calls. So far, 90 percent of all inquiries have been handled on the spot. If a general agent cannot answer a question, a specialist is on hand to handle the problem.




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