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 Saudi Arabia is a country full of actual and potential business and investment opportunities. However, it should be noted that the Saudi Arabian market is highly competitive and business transactions take place on the basis of quality and cost. In addition to the availability of an advanced and continually upgraded infrastructure, the following factors facilitate foreign investments in Saudi Arabia:

  • Free entrepreneurial spirit, respect for private ownership and an energetic private sector.
  • Availability of capital, convertibility of the Saudi Riyal to hard currencies and stability of exchange rates.
  • Protection of trade marks, patents and copy rights.
  • Absence of controls on capital movement and repatriation of profits.
  • Availability of an advanced and excellent banking system.
  • A liberal tax system.


Foreign individuals or firms contemplating doing business in or wishing to export their products to Saudi Arabia are required to look for a Saudi Arabian partner, an import agent or local representative in close proximity to the Saudi Arabian market. See the standard form of "CONTRACT OF AGENCY OR DISTRIBUTORSHIP" 

Establishing personal and direct contacts with the Saudi business community is the key to business success in the kingdom. When contemplating doing business in Saudi Arabia, potential investors are urged to make use of the following channels of business contacts:

  • The Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry located in the major urban centers of the Kingdom should be contacted, as a matter of priority, to find a representative, distributor, partner or agent in Saudi Arabia. Names of various products and Saudi importers of those products could also be obtained directly from these Chambers. Credibility reports about prospective Saudi business partners are often available at these Chambers. A list of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry with their addresses and telephone numbers is supplied. 
  • The Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry publish trade directories of their respective business communities. These can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Chamber directly.
  • Various advertising agencies, newspapers and internet marketing services providers in the Kingdom should be contacted to utilize their services for advertising export products. Additionally, some of the major Chambers of Commerce and Industry, located in important urban centers, have their own periodicals and may publish, upon request and for a fee, information relating to commercial offers, "Wanted" advertisements and others. all of these services could be arranged for your company trough our own company by emailing our marketing department with your specific requests also you are welcome to use our Business Opportunity section and our Classifieds  section.
  • In addition to its role as a part of the Kingdom's diplomatic mission to any foreign country, the Commercial Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in your country, provides the business community with information about Saudi business regulations and procedures, and means of doing business in the Kingdom. It also facilitates commercial contacts, sponsors Saudi business shows, exhibits and trade missions to the foreign countries, participates in seminars, meetings, conferences, etc., that promote Foreign-Saudi business and trade, and mediates commercial disputes between Foreign and Saudi companies, if both parties are willing to cooperate in order to reach an out-of-court amicable solution.
  • Foreign firms are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to attend trade shows or to participate in Foreign trade missions to Saudi Arabia. for American companies The Office of the Near East, at the U.S. Department of Commerce (14th Street and Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20230, Tel: (202)482-870) offers market information, identifies trade leads and promotes trade shows and U.S. trade missions to Saudi Arabia. Information regarding U.S. trade with Saudi Arabia and related Department of Commerce services is available via the automated Flash Fax hot line, which may be accessed by dialing (202)482-1064. In addition, the Department's District Offices provide a number of export promotion services, including the Agent/Distributor Service, which identifies Saudi Arabian agents/distributors who are capable of handling your business matters in the Kingdom, and the World Traders Data Report, which evaluates potential trading partners overseas.
  • It is advisable to personally visit the Kingdom to establish direct contacts with the Saudi business community. In order to obtain a short visit business visa, normally valid for one to three months, the nearest Saudi Arabian Royal Embassy or Consulate should be contacted. (A list of Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate Offices in the U.S. is provided, and a list of Saudi Diplomatic Missions in the rest of the world is provided.
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Sources: Saudi commercial office.

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